Communications Academy II

  • The Communications Academy is a program designed to educate and prepare students for the media and communications field. Communications Academy II is a second-year high school double-period course that includes both CP English II and Communications II.  In addition to completing the curriculum units in CP English II, students will be introduced to the audio broadcasting process, public speaking, audio editing and production, as well as podcasting. Curriculum from the English II part of the course will correspond to, and continue to be expanded upon, in the Communications part of the curriculum. There will be many hands-on projects in this course. 

    This class is responsible for the morning announcements over the school public address system.

    Communications units include:

    • 1: Audio Broadcasting Overview
    • 2: Vocal Development
    • 3: Public Speaking
    • 4: Audio Editing & Commercial Production
    • 5: Podcasts & Radio Dramas