Be Kind
  • Please Pardon the Ag Teacher


    Please pardon the Ag teacher,

    Please pardon the Ag teacher, more and more people say,

    As strangers are caught off guard by this teacher unlike any other,

    They are one of a kind,

    In it for the outcome, not the income,

    The job they chose is not just a job, it's a lifestyle,

    So Please Pardon our Ag Teacher,

     Please pardon the Ag teacher as you would be able to pick them out in the school very easily,

    Their dress is so different from all the others,

    They wear their jeans and button-ups with honor,

    All the way down to their crocs or twisted x shoes,

    Some may dress nicer than others, however we wear our “uniform” with pride as it is one of function and less fashion,

    There is a good chance these clothes will have something on them from the day’s lessons- Whether it be some sawdust from the carpentry lesson, food coloring from a plant science lesson, or they may be sopping wet from an irrigation project gone wrong,

    You can rest assured that the cause of the stain or drips comes with a good story,

    So please pardon our Ag Teacher,

     Please Pardon the Ag Teacher as they will show up fashionably late to every basketball, football, and wrestling match,

    Sometimes barely beating the final buzzer,

    But they will always be there to support “their kids,”

    You see before they can kick back and enjoy the game they have to grade a stack of assignments, answer hundreds of emails, and make a daily trip to the hardware store,

    This they do to ensure that tomorrow’s classes are as impactful as today’s were,

    So please pardon our Ag Teacher,

     Please pardon the Ag Teacher when they make your child struggle,

    They will make them squirm, think, and sometimes even downright angry,

    However we do this to help them problem solve,

    We do this to help them learn skills to be successful once they leave our doors,

    We do this to teach them how to think, not just what to think,

    And we firmly believe that all of our students have greatness inside of them,

    So please pardon our Ag Teacher

    Please pardon the Ag Teacher as they come in looking worn down and tired,

    As they reach for their 3rd, 4th, or even 6th cup of tea for the day,

    You see their day started at 2 AM when they went to help a member calve out their heifer for the first time ever,

    Or they were driving half the night to get the judging team back from another practice contest,

    Or possibly the 7AM parliamentary procedure practice,

    It's a profession where you clock in when you sign your first teaching contract, and never truly ever clock out,

    So please pardon our Ag Teacher,

     Please pardon the Ag Teacher as they talk wildly about their programs and “their kids”,

    Our programs become our children,

    We grow them, nurture them, and want them to be successful,

    Just like the children you allow us to shape and mold,

    So we may want to talk about nothing else except the tractor we are working on,

    Possibly the amazing wood project a student is building,

    We may want to recall a heifer in a recent contest that was so poorly structured you could light a match by sticking one between her hocks,

    Or possibly an accomplishment made by one of “our kids,”

    Please tell us if we are boring you and,

    Please pardon our Ag Teacher,

     Please pardon the Ag Teacher as they are not perfect,

    In fact there is no way one person can know everything there is to know about the agriculture industry, banquets, coaching multiple teams, fundraising, and all of the other duties of the Ag Teacher,

    We rely on our experts to help us fill in the gaps,

    From the proper jetting of a small gas engine, to the proper arrangement of flowers for a vase, or the ideal decorations for the annual banquet,

    We would not be able to do what we do without so many wonderful “experts” we can rely on,

    Experts we can call, ask questions, probe for answers, and possibly convince to coach a team or two,

    So Please pardon our Ag Teacher.

     Please pardon the Ag Teacher as they will likely be the culprit behind the mud left in the hallway,

    Or possibly the one who tracks the feces of some animal into a meeting,

    Or left the trail of sawdust behind them,

    However, they have spent their entire day inspiring a new generation of leaders,

    Teaching another generation a love and respect of the land,

    And showing kids some goodness in a world filled with darkness,

    And that it is okay to get your hands dirty,

    So please pardon our Ag Teacher,


    Please pardon the Ag Teacher as they are so much more than just that,

    They are part Veterinarian,

    Part Agronomist,

    Part Mentor,

    Part Teacher,

    Part Friend,

    Part Coach,

    Part Financial Planner,

    Part Dreamer,

    Part Honorary Parent,

    And Fully in love with the life they get to live,

    So Please Pardon Our Ag Teacher.