• Classroom Rules and Procedures


    Teacher:  Mrs. Arcolesse

      Email: arcolesse.j@woodstown.org   


    Website: School webpage, teachers, scroll to my name -    https://www.woodstown.org/Domain/968



    • METHODS OF EVALUATION: Points system


      1. Major Assessments 100 points

        • Prior notice will be given for all tests.

        • If you are absent the day of an assessment, it is your responsibility to arrange a suitable time to make it up.  Missing test/quiz grades will be put in as a zero until they are made up.  You will have 2 weeks to make up an assessment.

        • If you are absent the day of the review and are present the day of the test, then you will need to schedule time to review and then make up the test. 


      2. Minor Assessments  30-50 points


    They may or may not be announced. Quizzes and small projects are included in this.

     3. Homework/Written Assignments   2-20 points

      • Homework is to be completed before class.  It is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise specified and will be checked.
      • You will receive a grade for almost all homework assignments.  If your homework is completed in full, you will receive full points.  If half or more than half of your homework is completed, you will receive half of the points.  If the homework is less than half done you will receive a few points.   If your homework is not done at all, you will receive a 0. 
      • If you are absent and there was a homework assignment due, it is your responsibility to show it to me the next time you are in class.  When you are absent, homework assignments are put in as a zero and grades will not be changed until you show me the completed assignment, unless there is a significant absence or pre-arranged reason. 


    • All students are expected to participate in class daily.  
    • Warm-ups/Do-Nows/Exit tickets will be scored depending on the questions and can count as a written assignment.
    • Chromebooks must be charged daily so tht they may be used in class.

    Projects - There may be a small project or two and they will be graded as a minor assessment.


    • Scientific Calculator is necessary, but a graphing calculator is recommended.
    • Pencils are required.
    • Laptop/Chromebook – charged up daily
    • Paper/folder






    1. Be Prompt.  Be in your seat/online, with your homework questions ready, starting the warm-up  and ready to take notes, when needed.
    2. Be Prepared.  Bring a pencil, binder, and any other related and necessary materials to class including a calculator.
    3. Be Positive. 
    4. Be Productive.  Pay attention.  Use your time wisely.  
    1. Be Polite.  Do NOT speak when someone else is speaking, please mute when online, unless you are asking a question or speaking to the teacher.




    If you know in advance that you will be absent, talk to me to get your assignments before leaving.

    When returning to school from an unplanned absence, please check google classroom or ask if nothing was posted. 


    1. Extra help is available! I am available most days after school in google meet or my room 105. 
    2. NEVER hesitate to ask for extra help and do NOT wait until the day before a test. 
    3. Email with questions at night or on weekends.





    1. Students are able to retest 1 Test per marking period if you “tried” on the first test.  You also need to make corrections on the original test by coming for extra help; then stay after school for a retest.
    2. I expect re-tests to be completed within 1 week of the original test being returned.
    1. Benchmarks and End of Course assessments cannot be re-taken.


    1. Cheating on any assignment is unacceptable. I understand that you may struggle with the topics discussed in class.  Please ask for help rather than copying your classmates work or plagiarizing from the internet.  
    2. If a student is caught cheating, the following will occur:
      1. Student will receive a zero in the gradebook.
      2. Parent/Guardian will be contacted and informed about the negative action.
      3. Further discipline may be decided by teacher and vice principal.