• Elementary Equity Committees

    At William Roper early Childhood Center and Mary Shoemaker Elementary, school stakeholders have been working in a committee structure to ensure that our students and families are welcomed into the WPRSD at the onset of their education.

     Middle School “House” Model

    Woodstown Middle School has implemented the House system. Our house concept is our attempt to bridge the gap as students move from the close-knit smaller setting of elementary school to a larger junior high school atmosphere. Multi-grade members of each house work together as a team to participate in Social/Emotional Learning meetings, and  compete in school spirit, good citizenship, community service, field day, school attendance, and a number of other things that come up at school that we can use as constructive competition. The always-friendly rivalry builds a healthy community spirit where friendships are strengthened, and school becomes a place where everyone feels connected.

     High School “Student Voice”

    WHS has weekly Town Hall meetings to provide students a forum and opportunity to voice their concerns, share their opinions, and provide feedback to the administration.  During these sessions, students also participate in character education opportunities via live speakers or by watching an engaging TED talks.  The students have embraced this opportunity and attend their grade level meetings regularly.  A huge emphasis has been placed on social-emotional learning (SEL) for our students.  Through our School Counseling Office and Health/PE department, we've been able to facilitate SEL lessons for our students to help them cope with the circumstances of the pandemic, but also to learn to view situations from differing perspectives.  We also brought in a guest speaker this year through a partnership with State Farm Insurance named Bobby Petrocelli who shared his presentation titled, "You Matter." The message is about self-worth and self-motivation with our student body.  Our WHS-TV channel has also highlighted different cultures and traditions through their weekly segments highlighting prominent figures from a variety of backgrounds that have had a positive impact on our world and society.