Addressing equity and diversity is part of the district-level investment

  • E3 Network Member

    The E3 Network is a partnership of committed school districts who work to address the issue of educational equity. Dedicated to educational excellence the E3Network strives to develop and implement effective strategies designed to insure educational equity across all levels.

    Membership in the E3 Network offers districts the resources and services needed to analyze, confront, and resolve issues of educational equity.

  • The District has participated in:

    • Sessions Directed by Leaders in the Field of Equity and Educational Best Practices
    • Targeted Board of Education Presentation
    • Targeted Central Administration Discussions
    • Student Forums, Conferences and Job Fair
    • Partnership in a Group of Likeminded Professionals

    The Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional Public School District recognizes how important it is for students to see educators who look like them in positions of leadership in their classrooms and schools. We also know that the more diversity we have among our educators, the better our schools will be for all students. Our goal is to attract, develop, inspire, and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive environment, and to foster pride in our vision, mission, and values among all employees.