• English/Language Arts

    Our ELA curriculum, ReadyGEN, is an integrated literacy program with a balanced literacy approach. The curriculum encompasses:

    • Trade books/Text collection: students engage in multiple close readings/discussions of full-length authentic literary and informational texts
    • Sleuth: during small group, students engage in multiple short readings/discussions of shorter pieces of authentic texts to sharpen their close reading skills; they look for clues, ask questions, make their case and prove it!
    • Independent reading: students select books and practice reading independently with "just right" text
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    Our math curriculum, iReady Classroom Mathematics, is a comprehensive Grades K–8 Print and Digital Classroom Math Program that promotes a busy, focused, and collaborative classroom driven by real-world mathematics examples and all the support for meeting students right where they are. 

    Click here to learn more: https://www.curriculumassociates.com/programs/i-ready-learning/i-ready-classroom-mathematics-2024

    Math Facts
    Fluency with basic multiplication and division facts is critical for understanding upcoming 4th grade math concepts and solving skills. These facts should be practiced daily at home! 
    Each morning, your child will be given 2 minutes to solve 50 math facts. Each week will be devoted to a different times table. Quizzes taken Monday-Thursday will be practice quizzes, with students fixing and finishing them for homework. Friday's quiz will be graded and go towards their report card. These fact quizzes will be sent home for a parent signature and should be returned on Mondays.
    Need a good resource for practice? Visit the "Math-Drills" website listed on my "Useful Links" tab!

    Social Studies
    Fourth Grade Social Studies focuses on New Jersey:
    • Government and Symbols
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Native Americans of New Jersey
    • Regions and Resources
    • Mapping


    Fourth Grade science focuses on the study of:
    • Life Science: Plant and Animal Adaptations
    • Earth Science: History of the Earth; Earth Related Natural Disasters; Weathering and Erosion
    • Physical Science: Energy and Waves