Homework Helpers

Homework Helpers

  • The Homework Helpers program is offered through McKinney-Vento Grant Funding in order to support students from Salem, Cumberland and Cape May Counties with assignments given in Math and ELA.  We will be offering open support services Monday through Thursday each week during the school year during the highlighted days on the calendar below.  The program will run from 4:00pm through to 7:00pm each night that we are in operation and it is set up as "open sessions".  This means that a student can access these services without prior registration but they will be asked to wait until the teacher can address them if they are working with another student when they log in.  Students will be required to give their first and last name, grade level and school that they are attending.  The NJ certified teacher will do their best to address the student's needs during each session and we hope that that each student will find success.  Please use the link provided next to each teacher's name in order to access their instructional session.  


    Monday's - Math - Mrs. Jennifer Arcolesse - 4pm-7pm - Monday Math Google Meet Link - Contact Info:  arcolesse.j@woodstown.org

    Monday's - ELA - Dr. Margaret Morgan - 4pm-7pm - Monday ELA Google Meet Link - Contact Info: mmorgan@bridgeton.k12.nj.us


    Tuesday's - Math - Mr. Matt Schelling - 4pm-7pm - Tuesday Math Google Meet Link- Contact Info: mattschelling@gmail.com

    Tuesday's - ELA - Mrs. Bethann Forti - 4pm-7pm - Tuesday ELA Google Meet Link - Contact Info: forti.b@woodstown.org


    Wednesday's - Math - Mrs. Shonda Johnston - 4pm-7pm - Wednesday Math Google Meet Link - Contact Info: chappi055@gmail.com

    Wednesday's - ELA - Mr. Joseph Henault - 4pm-7pm - Wednesday ELA Google Meet Link - Contact Info: joehenault5@gmail.com


    Thursday's - Math - Mrs. Jennifer Arcolesse- 4pm-7pm - Thursday Math Google Meet Link - Contact Info: arcolesse.j@woodstown.org

    Thursday's - ELA - Ms. Shawna Beals - 4pm-7pm - Thursday ELA Google Meet Link - Contact Info:  shawna.beals@yahoo.com