• Academy Components 


    Curriculum Course Sequence (“pathway”) 

    o Four-year high school program 

    o Structured course sequence that integrates both core academic courses and 

    program-specific courses 

    Includes required and student choice electives 

    Service Learning 

    o Integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities 

    o 10 hours per academic year (required) 

    o Provides students the ability to build passions beyond the classroom 

    Certification Opportunities 

    o MOS certifications

    Enrichment Opportunities 

    o Work-Based Learning (CTE Structured Learning Experiences) - internships, job shadowing, cooperative learning 

    o Guest speakers, field trip experiences, industry tours, and interviews 

    o Possible partnerships with local business

     Reflective Portfolio 

    o Students engage in continuous reflection to record their Academy experiences 

    Capstone Project 

    o Completed within the Capstone Course (Senior year) 

    o Students work in teams to research, present, and defend major project (choice of topic) o Includes experiences from service learning components as well as the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the student’s academic career 

    FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America membership

     o FBLA is the largest student business organization in the country. 

    o FBLA provides students with networking opportunities as well as develops leadership skills during several conferences throughout the year.

    o FBLA has several levels of competitions in business events. Students will work on their projects with this as part of the academy experience.

    o Students enrolled in the SCVTS/WHS Finance & Business Management Academy must be a member of FBLA. 

             Advisory Board 

    o Members include industry representatives, parents/guardians, faculty, District and school-level administrators, and university partners 

    o 1 Advisory Board for Finance & Business Management