Media Center Use Guidelines

  • High School,

    If a high school student needs to use the media center, please have them create an e-hallpass. I do teach classes throughout the day, but there should be someone behind the circulation desk to assist them. Checking out books or printing can be done at any point. Group projects, use of the computers, 3D printing, and anything else should be scheduled in advance by emailing me at

    Middle School,

    The media center is open to middle students during homeroom to check out books. The media center is also open during EEE for students who need to check out a book, work on a group project, or film or record using the computer and video equipment here. Students must have a pass or e-mail from the teacher who is assigning work that needs to be completed in the media center, or a pass from me. Students who are simply looking to work in the media center without a reason will not be permitted.