• Chemistry 5364 - Honors Chemistry

    Mr. Rickard 


    Welcome to the homepage for Mr. Rickard's Chemistry 5364 classes.  As the year progresses this web page will host a variety of resources and links relating to chemistry.  It will also be the place to find the class syllabus, class rules, assignment sheets, presentations, and a variety of other information.  Check back regularly for updates and special notices.
    Honors Chemistry is a lot like Academic Chemistry, but then some.  Summer homework, science fair, and all sorts of other stuff too cool for Academic Chemistry make it one of the most interesting classes for Mr. Rickard to teach.  In the end, all of the extra effort will be worth it, especially for those students that move on to AP Chem, take chemistry again in college, or earn dual credit with SCC.
    NOTE:  Right click on a PC or control click on a Mac to download.  It is a big file (78MB) so it may take a few minutes to download.