• Standards Aligned Grading for 8th Grade World


              How well do you understand History or other Social Studies content?  (i.e. definitions, dates, names, and other relevant content.)


             Can you accomplish tasks with what you know?  (Such as interpreting Primary and/or Secondary Sources; using charts, maps, diagrams, political cartoons, etc.)

    33%    21st CENTURY SKILLS

             How well can you utilize the “4 C’s”--Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration?                                                              
               (Reasoning and using knowledge strategically and in context.) 


    Students are expected to be prepared on a daily basis. To be prepared, students should always have:

    • a. Planner/ agenda and ID badge 
    • b. 3 Ring Binder (to keep returned graded papers, notes, and handouts)
    • c. Spiral Notebook (for Warm-Ups, Current Events, Reflections, etc.)
    • d. Pen (Black or Blue)/ Pencil
    • e. Other supplies (if needed) for UDL Menu Work or other assignments. 

    Additionally, students are expected to:
    • 1. Participate in class and in small groups
    • 2. Respect other students and their property
    • 3. Not eat food or bring in drinks without teacher permission
    • 4. Not use electronic devices (cell phones, Kindles/Nooks, Tablets/iPads, Computers, etc.) during class without teacher permission.

    Failure to follow these procedures may result in disciplinary actions.

    Please refer to the WMS Agenda for other specific disciplinary rules and consequences.