• Grade 6 Music
    grade 6 music pic  
    Bach to the Future!!!  Music will take a slightly different turn in sixth grade.  We will study Johann Sebastian Bach, his life and his music while listening to a time travel CD.  Students will get to hear what their name sounds like, as we will "play" their names in music! We learn about lifestyles of the Baroque Period, the importance of music, as well as hear some of Mr. Bach's wonderful works.  In addition to Bach, we will also study the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with details of his childhood performances, and the story behind a supposed murder, featuring his Requiem.

    Students will invent their own musical staff after learning the origins of our current staff.  We will discuss and learn about how music impacts what we watch, and students will be encouraged to come up with new songs for familiar scenes of movies.  We will also compose original motifs in groups to sell products to their classmates.

    grade 6 mozart pic