• Finance & Business Management Academy at Woodstown High School


    This academy experience will provide students with an understanding of the various functions of business, including economic concepts, marketing principles, entrepreneurship, management, and technology. Students will gain an understanding of how business impacts and is influenced by a global economy within the 21st Century. Furthermore, students will learn leadership principles, business etiquette, networking, and explore possible career paths and courses of study in the field of business. Students will also be working on projects for the Future Business Leaders of America organization, which they are encouraged to join. Business skills learned through this academy can be applied to many different career choices, regardless of post secondary plans to enter the workforce or attend college upon graduation.


    Courses options will be semester based and will potentially include Computer Applications, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Business Law & Ethics, Hospitality Management, Accounting, Advertising & PR, and Entrepreneurship. Also there will be opportunities to work with professionals in the business field and complete projects related to business as structured learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. 

    The WHS/SCVTS Finance & Business Management program aims to: 

    Provide a broadly based finance and business management curriculum that supports transferable skills and understanding between and among industries. 

    Understand the current state of economics in the U.S. 

    Develop critical thinking skills that will lead to success within a career in finance or business and/or success in college or certification programs. 

    Understand and exhibit professional behaviors toward the community. 

    Build school and community partnerships. 

    Cultivate leadership skills within students, equipping them with the management and organizational skills to excel in a wide range of career paths. 

    The program provides a foundation for a variety of career pathways, some that allow for immediate entry into the workforce after high school and many of which require 2 or 4-year degrees. Some students in the program might be interested in starting their own business or taking over a family business. Other students may be interested in pursuing a degree in business. We hope to prepare students for any of these potential pathways after graduation.


    • Mark R. Kasubinski
      Supervisor of Admission/Recruiting
      P: 856-769-0101, ext. 5370

    • Stephen Asay
      Communications Academy Liaison
      Woodstown High School
      P: 856-769-0144, ext. 55236

    • Cheryl Levitsky
      Finance and Business Academy Instructor
      Woodstown High School