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    National Science Teacher's Convention 2010  
    This is my fourteenth year at Woodstown High School as part of the Science department.  I attended Arcadia University, majoring in Biology and after completing the four years, I enrolled at Rowan University to obtain my secondary education teaching certificate.  This year, I will be teaching Honors Biology and Academic Biology.  I am looking forward to the start of the 2019-2020 school year!  :)
    Remind 101 Information:
    856-823-4354 or 81010 (text or email notifications)
    Honors Biology-@adamswhs (email notifications- adamswhs@mail.remind.com)
    Academic Biology-@adamswhs2 (email notifications- adamswhs2@mail.remind.com)
    Back to School Night Information:
    Unsure of Homework?:
    1. Remember to record homework from the board daily at the beginning or end of class!!!
    2. Sign up for Remind for periodic reminders of projects and assessments
    3. Ask a classmate!
    4. If all else fails...email me and will try my best to get back to you asap. 
    Grading Scale:
    This year the science department will be using the Standards Aligned Grading (SAG) system to evaluate student performance. What is SAG? SAG is essentially a grading method used to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in their learning. It promotes that teachers provide meaningful assessments and quicker feedback to students and parents.
    Traditionally, students’ marking period grades were determined by their test, quiz, homework, classwork, and lab grades. In SAG, however, students’ marking period grades are based on their performance in certain skills, or categories. In science, students will be assessed in these categories per marking period:
    • Content

      • facts, vocabulary, identifying variables and equations (How well do I know it?)

    • Application

      • problem solving, designing an experiment, analyzing data (How well can I apply what I know?)

    • Science Literacy

      • developing graphs, writing conclusions, explaining and defending your answer (How well can I explain what I know?)

    • 21st Century Skills

      • creativity, group work, following directions, meeting deadlines
    All assessments (tests, quizzes, labs, etc.) are graded in total points. Categories on an assessment do not have to have the same number of points.
    Test/Re-Test Policy:
    Students will be allowed one re-test per marking period.  If a student has a Blue or Orange Renaissance card they will be allowed one additional retest per marking period and must follow the following department procedures in order to be eligible for the re-test:
    • Student must have all assignments completed for the subject tested prior to the first test, to be eligible for the retest.
    • Student must successfully complete an additional assignment given by the teacher, such as a review.
    • Student must meet with their science teacher outside of class time or attend a science lab prior to the retest test.
    • Students will be given one opportunity for re-take per assessment.
    • The make-up test must be completed in 1 week from the date the assessment was put into PowerSchool.
    Failure to Complete Assignment Policy (FTCA):
    If a student fails to complete an assignment the following steps will be taken:
    1. Student will be assigned a teacher detention. 
    2. Student's parent/guardian will be contacted.
    3. A zero will be placed in PowerSchool with a comment indicating that the assignment was missing and will be accepted if the student attends a teacher detention and completes the assignment.
    4. If the student does not attend the teacher detention, the student will be written up for failure to complete assignment.
    5. Student's parent/guardian will be contacted.
    6. Assistant Principal will meet with the student and assign them an administrative detention.
    7. The zero in PowerSchool will remain as the final and permanent grade for the assignment.

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