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    Paul J. Kranz  Email: kranz.p@woodstown.org (this is the best way to contact me!)

    This web site will show you what I teach and provide some information about me, my course content, and extra curricular activities I work with at WHS.  It also serves as an information site for the Woodstown High School Drama Club, which I have advised and directed for a long time.  Finally, the site also gives you some background information about me and helps you to contact me.  Please reach me at the email address listed above.  If you desire a phone call, let me know in your email.

     I currently teach Communications Academy I (freshmen), II (sophomores), and IV (seniors); I continue to advise the WHS Drama Club fall play (check out this year's upcoming shows! ...go to my drama club page), and I am the Academic Team Leader at the high school for English and History/Social Studies. This year marks my 32nd year as a teacher at Woodstown and my 30th year as and advisor for the WHS Drama Club. I also co-advise the Video Communications Club with Mr. Michael Hartman.







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