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    What is Standards Aligned Grading?

    Standards Aligned Grading is a system that focuses on showing student strengths and weaknesses with respect to the coursework by using category grades instead of assignment type grades.  In science, the four categories being use are Content, Application, Literacy, and 21st Century.  Content represents how well the student knows the essential ideas, concepts, and definitions.  It is most often assessed using multiple choice and short answer equations.  Application represents how well the student can complete tasks and make connections using the Content.  It is most often assessed with short answer and problem solving questions, but also includes practical application in the laboratory.  Literacy represents how well the student communicates scientific thoughts and ideas.  It is most commonly assessed with short essays such as the conclusion of a laboratory but can also include presentations and learning new information by reading a text.  Finally, 21st Century represents how well a student functions as a member of a scientific team.  Science teams can be as small as working with a partner in lab or as large as the entire class during a debate.  Interaction, preparedness, creativity, and contribution are all factors in the 21st Century category.  By looking at the category scores, student strengths and weaknesses may be more easily observed than with traditional test/quiz/lab grades and a clearer path to student growth can be shown.

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