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    Standard Aligned Grading (SAG)
    This year, all classes will be using the standard aligned grading system.  In SAG, students’ marking period grades are based on their performance in certain skills, or categories. In all science classes, students will be assessed in these categories per marking period:

    • Content =  

      • facts, vocabulary, identifying variables and equations (How well do I know it?)

    • Application 

      • problem solving, designing an experiment, analyzing data (How well can I apply what I know?)

    • Science Literacy

      • developing graphs, writing conclusions, explaining and defending your answer (How well can I explain what I know?)

    • 21st Century Skills = 

      • creativity, group work, following directions, meeting deadlines

    • If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at sorbello.j@woodstown.org
     Failure to Complete Assignment Policy for all subjects
    It is the responsibility of the student to complete any and all assignments by the assigned due date. In the event that a student doesn’t complete an assignment by the assigned due date, the student will be assigned an Academic Detention each day until the assignment is completed. If the assignment is a take-home quiz or test, research paper, or project with at least a two-week timeline and is not completed by the designated date, there will be a deduction of 10 percentage points from the grade earned as well as a detention assigned everyday until the assignment is completed.  A zero will be put into the grade book and will only be removed if the student completes the assignment within 5 days.  Parents will be notified if this policy has to be implemented for their student.
    Science Department Test/Retest Policy - does not apply to AP classes

     Students will be able to retest only ONE test per marking period.  To retest the

    • Student must have all assignments completed for the subject tested prior to the first test, to be eligible for the retest.
    • Student must successfully complete an additional assignment given by the teacher, such as a review. 
    • Student must meet with their science teacher outside of class time or attend a science lab prior to the retest test.
    • The make-up test must be completed in 1 week from the date the assessment was put into power school.


    If you have questions about HOMEWORK,
    please email me at sorbello.j@woodstown.org.  
    I will reply to you as quickly as I can.