Senora Sottile

    My schedule for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year
    Period 1 Spanish II
    Period 2 Spanish II
    Period 3 Spanish II
    Period 4 Spanish II                                  
    Period 5 Lunch                                                                                                    
    Period 6 Office Duty
    Period 7: Spanish II
    Period 8 Prep
     Bienvenido- Welcome

    I am proud to be a part of the faculty at Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School District and look forward to another entertaining school year. My goal is for the students to feel comfortable in class, all the while learning the exciting language of Spanish!  Through in depth study of the Hispanic culture and customs, it is my desire for the students to gain an appreciation of traditions and beliefs of ethnicity which will be fostered past their high school years!.

    After raising our children, I decided to become a Spanish teacher. I graduated from Rowan University with a bachelors degree in Spanish Education. I currently hold a New Jersey K-12 teaching certificate. 


    I am excited about the hands-on format the students will be using throughout the school year.
    In Spanish I,II and IV we will concentrate on understanding the culture of people who speak another language, which is imperative to be successful in a global environment.  In order to be prepared for the 21st Century, skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, innovation, creativity and technology will prepare the student for life today.

    I expect minds to be open to become forward thinkers in this school year!
    Deborah Sottile 
    World Language

    Extra help is always offered during office hours, which are in Google's classroom. 
    I hope to meet all of you at back to school night. Feel free to use my e-mail address for any questions or concerns.   
    phone number 856-769-0144 .
    room# 214
    EXTRA HELP-Please take a look at the following websites:
    • textbook: www.glencoe.com     
    • www.miraflores.org 
    • www.drlemon.net 
    • www.studyspanish.com
    Professional to be respectful, responsible and on task at all times. 
    Be prepared with the following;
    - 3 subject notebook.
    -Pencils/Pens- blue/black with erasers.   NO RED.
    -Colored pencils  

    Homework- written/verbal/internet  - on web-page- assignments-google.classroom

    Notebook- should be maintained in a neat orderly manner-  cultura, gramática, vocabulario