Welcome to Mrs. Schulze's Kindergarten Class!
    I hope you are as excited for Kindergarten as I am to teach it, because this is going to be a GREAT year :)
    Together as a class we are going to create a fun and successful learning community where you will be able to explore, learn, and meet some really amazing friends.
    My goal for each year is to create a friendly and informative classroom where students aren't afraid to ask questions, solve problems, teach each other, and of course enjoy their day! 

    What are we learning this year you ask? Why, our letters and sounds, our numbers, and before you know it - we will be learning how to write and how to become reading rock stars!
    Want to know more about me... I absolutely love teaching! I look forward every year to meeting my new school family and discovering how everyone learns and how I can help everyone meet success in Kindergarten!  
    Oh! And when I'm not teaching, I love hanging with my family, drawing, singing, reading, and laughing of course : )
    Please do not hesitate to contact me either via email, a note with your child, or a phone call. My contact information can be found on every Friday newsletter as well as below:
    Email: schulze.a@woodstown.org
    Phone: 856-769-0144