Welcome to Mr. Fiolkowski's Home Page

    This is my 16th year in the district.  I graduated Duquesne University with a Bachelor of Arts.  After a successful career in the corporate community, I transitioned to education in 1997, having earned a Masters in Education from Temple University. Initially, I taught at Frankford High and then at Hopkinson Elementary, in the Philadelphia School District. From there I transitioned to Charles Lewis Middle School in Gloucester Township, teaching eighth grade language arts and social studies.  Since 2002 I have been a part of this great district. Initally I taught language arts; more recently and for the last several years social studies, all in the middle school. I am looking forward to teaching in the high school for the 2018-2019 school year.  

    Study Skills


    Study Skills is a graded class.  It is not a study hall. Study Skills’ purpose is to allow students to work on, and complete, their academic assignments in a structured environment that includes teacher assistance, when necessary.  Study Skills’ secondary purpose is to teach organization, study methods, learning styles, and personal awareness. Your grade in Study Skills will be based your daily effort, organization and attitude.  Each student starts the week with a “100”. As long the class requirements are met, that grade will remain. Failure to meet the class requirements will lower that student’s grade.



     Grading Policy Criteria 


    Preparation (40%):  The following represent the criteria by which students are graded, on a daily basis.

    • The agenda page if formatted according to the specifications laid out in the beginning of the school year, with each page divided into the various academic “cells” as per each student’s respective schedule
    • Each “cell” has something written in it, either a brief description of the assignment, or “none” if there is no homework for that particular subject
    Participation/Effort (40%): This daily grade represents the amount of reasonable on-task behavior that the student shows throughout the course of the period.  Off-task behavior may cause a drop in a student’s daily grade, in proportion to the amount of off task behavior shown.
    21st Century Skills (20%):  This daily grade is determined by the following criteria:
    • the degree of appropriate interactions with peers
    • consistently appropriate interactions with staff
    • An avoidance of distractions by one’s personal cell phone