• Welcome! You have found Mrs. Kenvin's home page.
    This is the place to discover what goes on in my Mary Shoemaker world.
    Get ready to travel with me. As a co-teacher and an in-class resource teacher, and now a virtual Achieve teacher, I have definitely learned to be mobile.
    Since 2002, I've worked in the Woodstown Middle School, grades 5 through 8, in all subject areas. After many years of helping 5th graders transition from elementary to middle school (they now reside here at the Mary Shoemaker School), briefly exploring the 6th grade, residing in the 7th grade for several years, venturing into the 8th grade, and returning to the 6th grade for a bit, I am excited to be a member of the Mary S. Shoemaker staff.
    It does not really matter where I am, I enjoy teaching here at Woodstown, and I am always ready for another adventure.
    My home for the 2020-21 school year is fluid, and I maintain my flexibility in these unprecidented days. As always, I look forward to new discoveries and opportunities during the school year. Join me as we explore, and enjoy, learning. I hope to see you on the journey.  
    Feel free to browse around and become educated in the MSS world. Enjoy! 
    We are the Wolverines!    Go Wolverines!