Hello! Welcome to my webpage!

    My name is Mrs. Kim Micale, and I am the new Middle School Counselor at Woodstown Middle School

    To see more information about the Guidance department at WMS, click on the Guidance link above!


    I am not a stranger to Woodstown Public Schools. In fact, I taught English (academic and honors' levels) in the Woodstown High School 9th grade for 9 and a half years.  While I taught, I also attended classes at Wilmington University to become a K-12 School Counselor, where my true passion lies.

    I left Woodstown HS in December of 2015, because I finally found a counseling position in another school (there were none available here). I worked there for almost two years, and I gained a ton of experience that I am very excited to share with you all!


    As I spend more time here, I will be able to better tailor my webpage to include everything that is important to you. 


    Until then, I will be definitely be around- in the lunchroom for lunches, or before school while you wait for school to begin. Stop over and say hello! I will also be taking some time to speak with eveyone of you through my Minute meetings.


    Do not hesitate to let me know if I can help you with anything!!