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    This is my on-line home for 8th Grade World History.   You will find links for expectations, curriculum, assignments, and much more.  Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions.

    Our eighth grade Social Studies course will explore people, events, and belief systems that helped to shape our World.  Students will first gain an understanding of the major belief systems of history--what beliefs are shared and different, as well as how they developed and affected people over time.  Students will also analyze the interactions of various cultures through peaceful and warring interactions and how this has affected contemporary societies.  Additionally, students will evaluate the importance of Human Rights (through a Cross-Curricular Unit with Language Arts) and the struggles people went through to gain them.  Further, they will learn about the importance trade and geography played in shaping events.  Moreover, students will also learn and interpret domestic and foreign current events (such as political campaigns, armed conflicts, etc.) and other pertinent occurrences.


    Contact Information:
    Mr. Don Stech
    8th Grade World History Teacher
    phone: 856-769-0144 Ext. 92132

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