Google Docs in the Classroom
    Using Google Docs in your classroom can save you time and make things easier for both you and your students.  Here are some ways you could use it in your classes:
    • Add notes, directions, or presentations that you want to share with your students.  They can either be made public on Google Docs or shared with them directly.  You can share individual files with them or you can make a collection (or folder) in Google Docs that is shared with them and anything you put in there they will have access to.  Also, you can set the files or collection to be viewed only so that they cannot edit them.  The other nice part about sharing directions for assignments in Google Docs is that you can change the directions at any time and the students will see those changes immediately. And you can share them with parents or other teachers. 
    • Students can share their work with you through Google Docs.  Each student has their own Woodstown Google Docs account.  They can also make a collection (or folder) that is shared with you on Google Docs and anything they put in there you will have access to. 
    • When students are doing research or working on an assignment for you in the library or using the laptops in school, they can upload anything they work on using Google Docs. They can also create documents right in Google Docs.

    Using Google Forms for Assessments
    Google Forms can be used for short assessments using multiple choice, true or false, and short answer formats.    Once forms are created, they can easily be shared with students from a teacher's web page or using a Tiny url.  In class, these short surveys are a great form of formative assessment that students can access from a laptop, an ipad or ipod touch, or from their smart phones.
    Here is a tutorial for creating forms in Google Docs-  http://support.google.com/docs/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=87809 
    Using the iPads in the Classroom 
    Here are some resources for using iPads in the Classroom-