• Welcome to Mrs. Althouse's Chemistry Classes
    Room Number: 112
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    Office Hours: 2:35-3:15pm


           Welcome to Chemistry! This course promises to open your eyes and your mind to an interesting and "weird" world. Everything you and I use every single day utilizes chemistry including (but not limited to) cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, computers, cell phones, fabrics, paints and dyes, horticulture and agriculture, construction, water and soil testing, biotechnology and genetics, cleaning products, paper products and pyrotechnics (fireworks).
    Homework: If you need to know what the homework is, please check Google Classroom or email me at althouse.c@woodstown.org
    Standards Aligned Grading (SAG) Students are graded in the following categories

    ● Content - facts, vocab, identifying variables and equations (​How well do I know it?)

    ● Application - problem solving, designing an experiment, analyzing data (​How well can I apply what I know?)

    ●  Science Literacy - developing graphs, writing conclusions, explaining/ defending your answer (​How well can I explain what I know?)
    ●  21st Century Skills - creativity, group work, following directions, meeting deadlines 
    Need more information? Download the full explanation here.
    Failure to Complete Assignment (FTCA)
    If a student does not submit an assignment on time he/she will serve a teacher detention at the next available office hours that I have. The work will be completed during that time. Additional time may be given if needed (depending on the assignment). If the student does not show up for the teacher detention, then he/she will receive a "0" for the assignment and an administration detention will be assigned. 
    Science Department Test/Retest Policy
    Students will be able to retest ONE test per marking period. In order to retest:

    ●Student must have all assignments completed for the subject tested prior to the first test, to be eligible for the retest.

    ●Student must successfully complete an additional assignment given by the teacher, such as a review.  

    ●Student must meet with their science teacher outside of class time prior to the retest test.

    ●The make-up test must be completed in 1 week from the date the assessment was put into power school.


    Here's to having a great year!!
        Mrs. Althouse