• Some students love moving up to a different grade, while others do not.  Moving to the Middle School is a big deal, and we are all hoping you enjoy your new school!

     Please know, in 6th grade, your classes are primarily on one floor. You should be able to find your classes pretty quickly, but if you need help, ASK SOMEONE! I'll be in the hallways to help direct you if you need help!

    Stay organized! Make sure you take notes in class, keep a calendar, or use your computer calendar to keep all of your assignments listed. Do not wait until the last minute. 

    You will make mistakes- and that is HOW you learn. Do not become overwhelmed if you make a mistake. If you need to talk to me, please let me know. If you were born knowing everything, you wouldn't need to be at school, right? : )

    Be confident that YOU CAN DO THIS! No matter what happened in elementary school, does not matter now. This is a new, fresh, start. Take advantage of it, and pave the way to your future.