Teacher Evaluation Plan

  • Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional Schools

    Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional Schools Teacher Evaluation Implementation Plan

    Evaluation Goals:

    • Enhance building-level ScIP teams as a resource for professional development, mentoring, and the overall implementation of AchieveNJ
    • Continue annual training for evaluators, implement co-observation requirements
    • Provide follow-up training for ScIP and professional staff on the McRel Framework/, as needed
    • Develop professional development plans (PDP), one goal must be connected to an annual evaluation cycle), by October 31st
    • Refine & finalize tiered student growth objectives (SGO) and associated assessment tools by October 31st
    • Continue to connect feedback from observations to target professional development at the building and district-level

    Collaborative Cycle for WPRSD Formal Observations:

Non-Tenure Teacher Evaluation

Non-Tenured Staff:

Tenure Teacher Evaluation