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    Welcome to 8th Grade Science! This year we will explore the topics of physical science and how they relate to every day life and the environment.  This will be an introduction to chemistry and physics.   We will take a look at motion of objects, and the forces that cause objects to move.  We will examine interactions of electric forces and magnetic fields.  We will examine different properties of materials and their chemical make up.  We will explore energy of motion, thermal energy and types of energy resources.  We will study the properties of waves in different forms, inspect the electromagnetic spectrum, and see how waves can be used for communication.  We will also be incorporating engineering projects throughout the year.

    I'm going to try science!  


    We will also focus on scientific writing and reading, in which we will be using our marble lab notebooks.  During the year we will also be utilizing online tools for paperless assignments and other technology and internet based pieces.  This will allow us to have open, ongoing discussions online where students can respond to each other, and become better 21st century learners.

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