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    Please visit our SACC Handbook for more information:
    School-Age Child Care (SACC) is a tuition-based, before, after & summer school program. It is a safe & secure environment for children of working parents.
    During the school year we create a relaxed yet productive program; emphasizing the developmental needs of children in grades K-6, blending enrichment and learning activities that encourage each child to explore his/her own interests and skills.

    The program is not an extension of the school day. Instead the program provides the children with activities that help to develop their physical, mental, emotional and social needs. Their day starts with a healthy snack. Our program offers a variety of activities which may include: recreation and games, arts and crafts, reading, music, drama, time to work on homework and quiet time where the children can pursue their own interests.

    During the summer we offer a program that is safe and fun, but also stimulating, to meet the needs of parents and children during the summer hours. Our camp is all about your child!! Our goal is that every child will have a fun, entertaining summer experience while being introduced to a variety of new activities, challenges and friends.

    Woodstown-Pilesgrove SACC is approved by the Board of Education and is supported only by parent tuition fees and donations. We are licensed through the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families and follow their requirements and regulations. 
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