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    My name is Mrs. Bethann Forti


    This year I will provide in-class support with:


    Mrs. Williams in Ecology during periods: 1, 6 and 8

    Mr. Ordog in Biology during period: 7 

    Resource class: Small group

    Ecology 2nd period

    Biology 3rd period


    Standards Aligned Grading (SAG)
    This year the science department will be using the Standards Aligned Grading (SAG) system to evaluate student performance.
    What is SAG? 
    • Sag is essentially a grading method used to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses in their learning.  It promotes that teachers provide meaningful assessments and quicker feedback to students and parents. 
    • Traditionally students' marking period grades were determined by their tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, and lab grades.  In SAG, however, students' marking period grades are based on performance in certain skills, or categories.  In science, students will be assessed in these categories per marking period. 
     In science, students will be assessed in these categories per marking period:
    • Content

      • facts, vocabulary, identifying variables and equations (How well do I know it?)

    • Application

      • problem solving, designing an experiment, analyzing data (How well can I apply what I know?)

    • Science Literacy

      • developing graphs, writing conclusions, explaining and defending your answer (How well can I explain what I know?)

    • 21st Century Skills

      • creativity, group work, following directions, meeting deadlines
    • If you have any questions please email me at forti.b@woodstown.org
    Science Department Test/Re-test policy
    • Students will be allowed one re-test per marking period.
    • Students will have all assignments completed for the subject tested prior to the first test, to be eligible for the retest.
    • Student must meet with their science teacher outside of class time prior to the retest.
    • The make-up test must be completed in 1 week from the date the assignment was put into power school.