Welcome to the Health Office

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    Christina Salvatore – School Nurse
    Phone: 856-769-0144 ext. 55230
    Fax: 856-769-3872
    Woodstown High School and Woodstown Middle School
    Please fill out OTC medication form if your child will need tylenol, motrin, or benadryl. Due to Covid19 medication for fever suppression will not be given
     New Jersey mandated screenings:
    All students have a yearly blood pressure, height, and weight
    Vision screening is done in 6th, 8th,10th, and 12th grade
    Hearing is done in 7th and 11th grade    
    Scoliosis is done in grades 7, 9, and 11 with parental permission
    If your physician does these screenings on a physical they are not repeated
    All incoming 6 th graders are mandated to provide proof of meningitis vaccine and proof of TDap booster within 2 weeks of their 11th birthday
    If unable to get an appointment with your doctor please call Southern Jersey Family Medical Center at 856-935-7711 opt 2 to schedule your vaccines
    Providing your school nurse with updated non sport physicals and non mandated vaccinations (HPV, HEP A, and Covid) keeps your childs health record up to date and provides nursing with the best possible medical updates