Five-Year Curriculum Plan


  • We are pleased to announce that the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional Board of Education has completed a District Five-Year Curriculum Plan. As part of a state-mandated, five-year plan for curriculum evaluation, each subject area curriculum is periodically reviewed and updated as needed. As each subject area becomes due for evaluation, a committee is formed to make recommendations for necessary revisions. This committee includes teachers at all grade levels representing the appropriate subject area, principals, and supervisory staff. During a cycle of curriculum revision, committee members will meet with all instructional staff responsible for implementing curriculum in that subject area. Input and feedback gained from these meetings, along with research on current best practice, will inform the committee and assist them in the revision process. In addition, the Board of Education will meet with members of each standing curriculum committee at three key points in the curriculum writing process. Parent representatives solicited for each subject area being reviewed are also invited to attend and participate in these key meetings. All meetings during the curriculum revision process are designed to provide opportunities for collaboration, input, and discussion among those groups responsible for ensuring that our children receive the best educational program possible. The final draft of the curriculum is then submitted for adoption by the Board of Education.