Coping Strategies - 

    What is in my control? - Focusing on what we can control vs. what we cannot control, can help us to accept a sitaution for what it is, and learn to cope with it. Here is a great lesson on teaching kids what they can control vs. what they cannot, and tips on handling the realization. 


    Grounding Strategies  - Learning to be grounded brings us back to the present moment. Try some of these tequniques when you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control. 


    Strategy box - these are my go-to strategies I use with students in school. Many students at MSS now know these strategies. Feel free to email me if you would like any further clarification on how to do the "stratgey box" with your kids at home! 


    Self Esteem - 


    Self-Esteem Videos - This is a great time to self-reflect and appreciate who we are. Watch these videos with your kids to help boost their confidence. 


    Positive Affirmations - Self-talk is so important! Using these examples, you can make positive affirmation cards, post-its or flowers and hang them all over your home! 


    Character Building - 

    Feel free to do an activity based around a character trait each day. This is by no means an assignment, but should increase some fun and character building conversations while at home! When you click the links below, the corresponding worksheet will appear. 


    All About Kindness


    All About Honesty


    All About Perseverance


    All About Responsibility


    All About Acceptance


    Below are character building bingo templates. Have fun playing and learning at home! 


    SEL Bingo challenge 


    Self care bingo

    Kindness - 


    The Great Kindness Challenge - This organization, "Kids for Peace" created the guidelines for our "Great Kindness Challenge." They have fantastic family activities and resources! 


    Much of the great kindness challenge was also inspired by the Life Vest Organization. Life Vest is committed to making the world a kinder place. If you wish to join Life Vest Inside, you will be sent creative inspiring, easy and fun collaborative digital projects that are meant to empower the world and spread joy and hope during this difficult time (from video, to music, to dance, to art and more!). All projects will be digital and can be done by ALL AGES from the privacy of your home. What a great way to take part in something meaningful with your family!

    "Sign up to receive your first project! Looking forward to impacting the world one project at a time!" -  LifeVest website. By posting and participating, your videos and projects might be shared with the public.