• Every week I will be adding 10 more ideas to this list! 


    1. Watch a funny video clip (this is my absolute favorite right now!)  - https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/cooper-the-puppy-goes-viral-with-the-pets-will-thrive-covid-19-pandemic-anthem-1.4878682

    2. Take a hot shower or bath. 

    3. Rub a yummy lotion on your skin – hands, arms, feet

    4. Write in a journal or jot down a few things you’re grateful for

    5. Take a short walk outside to get some fresh air. Notice the flowers and beauty around you.

    6. Stretch lightly for 5-10 minutes to loosen up all over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyaM87ecKd0

    7. Put your legs up. Way up. (Read this about the benefits of the legs up the wall pose.)

    8. Place a tennis ball between your back and a wall and roll against it to work out knots in your shoulders/back.

    9. Call a friend or family member

    10. Make yourself a wholesome, yummy snack. Just for you. No sharing! (Raw date browniessweet potato toast and creamy peanut butter yogurt dip are all great options that don’t take long at all.)




    1. I’m all about the feel good videos lately and this one gave me chills. There is something so powerful and beautiful about worldwide unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDdxXL6fdwA&t=27s


    2. Tell someone why you are grateful for them 

    3.Create a family or personal vision board - https://playtivities.com/family-vision-board/ 

    4. Blast your favorite song  - don’t be afraid to sing your heart out :) 
    5. Try a new exercise routine - there are tons of free ones online! 
    6. “In times of uncertainty, there is a lot we can’t control. This is hard when there is no semblance of ending in sight. Therefore, taking it hour by hour or day to day is one way we can all cope.”

    *Write down 5 things you can control and 5 things you cannot control. Letting go of the things we cannot control can bring us peace. Understanding we do still have some control, can bring us hope.  

    7. Try out an online meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrChB0GiwYQ 

    8. Write down 5 of your strengths. Smile and feel good about yourself :) 

    9. Slowly drink your favorite warm beverage 

    10. I’m a big fan of Brene Brown! She got together with David Kessler (a grief expert) and together they did a podcast about grief. It is long, but extremely comforting and validating. We are all experiencing a form of loss and grief right now. If you want to talk, please call me (856) 769 - 0144 ext. 66132. You can also sign up for David Kessler's free online grief groups. You do not need to know someone who passed away to know loss. Don’t be shy in signing up .. as Brene would say - let yourself be vulnerable.