The relationship you have with yourself, is the most important relationship of all. Self-care shouldn't be something you do when you have time for it, or as a treat. Self-care should be something you make time for. It is time you give to yourself, to focus on yourself, at least once a week, because you deserve it. To be your best self, you need to take care of yourself. Just like your phone - you cannot keep going if you do not take time to charge. 


    Self-Care on the go - listen to these videos as a way of caring for yourself. 


    110 Ideas for Self-Care 

    1. Watch a funny video clip (this is my absolute favorite right now!)  - https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/cooper-the-puppy-goes-viral-with-the-pets-will-thrive-covid-19-pandemic-anthem-1.4878682

    2. Take a hot shower or bath. 

    3. Rub a yummy lotion on your skin – hands, arms, feet

    4. Write in a journal or jot down a few things you’re grateful for

    5. Take a short walk outside to get some fresh air. Notice the flowers and beauty around you.

    6. Stretch lightly for 5-10 minutes to loosen up all over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyaM87ecKd0

    7. Put your legs up. Way up. (Read this about the benefits of the legs up the wall pose.)

    8. Place a tennis ball between your back and a wall and roll against it to work out knots in your shoulders/back.

    9. Call a friend or family member

    10. Make yourself a wholesome, yummy snack. Just for you. No sharing! (Raw date browniessweet potato toast and creamy peanut butter yogurt dip are all great options that don’t take long at all.)


     11. I’m all about the feel good videos lately and this one gave me chills. There is something so powerful and beautiful about worldwide unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDdxXL6fdwA&t=27s


    12. Tell someone why you are grateful for them 

    13.Create a family or personal vision board - https://playtivities.com/family-vision-board/ 

    14. Blast your favorite song  - don’t be afraid to sing your heart out :) 
    15. Try a new exercise routine - there are tons of free ones online! 
    16. “In times of uncertainty, there is a lot we can’t control. This is hard when there is no semblance of ending in sight. Therefore, taking it hour by hour or day to day is one way we can all cope.”

    *Write down 5 things you can control and 5 things you cannot control. Letting go of the things we cannot control can bring us peace. Understanding we do still have some control, can bring us hope.  

    17. Try out an online meditation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrChB0GiwYQ 

    18. Write down 5 of your strengths. Smile and feel good about yourself :) 

    19. Slowly drink your favorite warm beverage 

    20. I’m a big fan of Brene Brown! She got together with David Kessler (a grief expert) and together they did a podcast about grief. It is long, but extremely comforting and validating. We are all experiencing a form of loss and grief right now. If you want to talk, please call me (856) 769 - 0144 ext. 66132. You can also sign up for David Kessler's free online grief groups. You do not need to know someone who passed away to know loss. Don’t be shy in signing up .. as Brene would say - let yourself be vulnerable. 




    21. Download the Downward Dog App - If you are new to yoga/always wanted to try, this is a great app that is free for teachers and students until July 1st! 

    22.  Some Good News- “Some Good News” with John Krasinski is a youtube channel that focuses on good news only. Try turning off the sad news for a bit, and focus on positivity for 15 minutes

    23. Linked by love  - “Let’s unite, bring hope, and set a Guinness World Record!”
    Fun fact about me, I’ve always really wanted to be in the Guinness World Record book (lol) and I’m SO happy I found the perfect way to do it!! It’s so simple, yet helps us to create such a beautiful symbol of unity. Having a deeper connection to the world, brings us the feeling of community - even when we are a part. 
    24. Earth Day is April 22nd - spend some extra time in your garden and/or around any trees/plants

    25. Gratitude for Deliveries -- Have you been getting a lot of deliveries? This simple project shows our appreciation to those who are still out working so we can get our necessary supplies. Brightening someone else's day is definitely a form of self-care!

    26. Play a game (any game!) - by yourself, with someone you live with, or virtually with friends/family! 

    27. Health facts about hugs - Give someone (you live with) a hug for 20 seconds. If you are social distancing alone, you can also hug yourself for 10 seconds and have a similar calming effects


    28. Relive your best memory. Pull up a wonderful, happy memory and take a few minutes to dwell on it. Go through all of the details and feel the feelings you had then.


    29. Feed the birds. Go get a piece of bread, walk outside and feed those birdies :)

    They will sing your praises!


    30. How water can help your mental health - Make a conscious effort to drink more water! 


    31. Find a poem that you love and/or inspires you:

    Video of a poetry reading - by one of our WHS students!


    32. Read a heart warming article:

     'What is love' according to children - this has been a favorite of mine for years!


     33. Find your favorite reading spot:

    Dress up any corner with some pillows and/or blankets. We are spending so much time in our homes - let’s get creative and spice the place up a bit :) 


     34. Get dressed in a favorite outfit and fix your hair in a new way.

    When you look good, you feel good


    35. Create a jar of things you are looking forward


    36. Allow yourself to take a nap!


    37. Coloring:

    Free adult coloring pages - even if you do not have a printer at home, you can use these as inspiration!


    38. Create a family, independant or virtual scavenger hunt 


    39. Create a 'feel good' playlist

    Listen to it during a walk or run 


    40. Write a list of priorities

    Visuals help you to organize and achieve goals! 


    41. If you feel like you want to cry - watch a sad movie and let yourself cry! Let your emotions out in a healthy way. 


    42. Make a card for yourself. Write down what makes you feel valued and appreciated 

    43. Send friends a photo of a time you all enjoyed together. Laugh and reminisce! 


    44. Think about a goal you have been wanting to accomplish. Write down the steps to get you there. (planning is taking that first step!)


    45. Louvre, The Picasso Museum, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History are all doing tours. Take this time to explore a new place!


    46. full-length musicals available for 48 hours every Friday at 7 p.m. Watch and escape reality for a bit


    47. Find one thing in nature to appreciate just a little bit more (Mrs. Kidder shared about a beautiful tree in her yard that she gets to see and appreciate now. What is something beautiful that you can find in your own backyard?)


    48. Share an inspiring quote with someone to give them a boost


    49. Create a crossword puzzle all about you! Challenge your friends and family members, see who knows you best.


    50. Write to your teacher. Think about a school staff member that helped or inspired you. Write them a thank you note. If you can find them, mail it! If they are no longer with us, maybe mail it to the district, a family member of theirs, or just keep it for yourself. Recognize the importance of a memory.


    51. Try to change the way you do an ordinary task. Let’s take small steps to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

     2 minute clip on Resilience


    52. Take a one minute break every hour to stretch! 



    53. Name 3 things you have gained from getting older. Take time to celebrate! 

    54. Reflect on the month of April, repeat an activity that made you feel good! 

    55. Say no to something. Do it as a way of honoring your needs and boundaries. Resist the need to justify, explain or defend. 

    56. Unplug

    • Whatever this looks like for you. For me, I am going to challenge myself to consciously go one hour without looking at my phone for just one day this weekend. 

    57. Write down all of your shoulds on a piece of paper. Practice letting go of one of your shoulds and explore softening your expectations 

    58. When a difficult emotion arises, talk to them as if they were a friend. 

    • We are so much harder on ourselves than on others. Instead of reacting with judgment, ask yourself what is going on and how you can help. 

    59. 3 minute Mindful Breathing

    • Allow yourself to do nothing but breath for 3 minutes. Notice if anything feels different in your body. 

    60. We Are Making History 

    • A precious reminder that you’re teaching the world what it looks like to be awesome.  

    61. Find something or someone that brings you joy. Take a picture, draw, write it down - whatever you can do to appreciate it just a little bit more.
    62. Find something or someone that brings you love. Take a picture, draw, write it down - whatever you can do to appreciate it just a little bit more. (save both the joy and love memories for when you need a boost on a bad day). 
    63. We can think of rebirth as a major change. Let's say you were able to stay home by choice and this extra time is a gift. How can you use this time to make a change in your life? What have you always wanted to do, but didn't 'have time' for? 
    64. "Renewal - the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again." Let's face it. We probably are all in some sort of slump. What can you do to rejuvenate your mind, body and space again? (it doesn't have to be something huge - I'm going to do a deep clean this weekend so I can start Monday with a fresh space and clarity). 
    65. Hope. Write down 1 thing you hope for and focus on it for 2 minutes each morning. See if you feel any more inspired. 
    66. Try to be like this girl! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfEEbhcyEvE
    67. Youth. Do something that makes you feel youthful. Whether this is a sport, playing a joke on someone, playing a card game, making a craft, painting. Anything that brings your inner child happiness! 
    68. Growth. Have you grown as a person during this pandemic? Whether it's your technology skills, your patience, your ability to adapt. Make a celebration out of this, cheers to your accomplishments! It could be a fun activity to do with your family/friends. 
    69. Spend time smelling the flowers (or something you enjoy) for 60 seconds. 
    70. Remember that this is worldwide and you can contribute to the greater good. 
    https://ed.ted.com/graduation - hear from 2020 graduates 
    https://ed.ted.com/graduation/guidelines-and-prompts#graduate-supporters - if you scroll down you will see how to support graduates worldwide. 
    71. Suring Corona  - This video will show you that no matter what you are feeling, you are not alone. We are all learning to surf this crazy wave together. (it's 10 minutes, but it's very enlightening)
    72. Try to intentionally get 6 - 8 hours of sleep 

    73. Wash your sheets and appreciate how good it feels to get into bed 
    (a small thing to be grateful for)
    74. Take a "trip" to see a sunset. 

    75. Visualize yourself achieving a goal
    Support Goal Achievement - A fast pace meditation that can be done in the morning. When we can envision ourselves achieving our goals, we are more likely to accomplish them :)
    76. Make a homemade face mask (the spa kind for happier skin)
    DIY Face Mask Recipes

    77. Find a feather, cotton ball, string, something cool, something warm, etc. Run it up and down your arm and see how your senses react. You might be surprised finding that at home objects can be self-soothing. 
    78. Read or watch your favorite childhood book or movie
    79. Easy Yoga Poses for Stress Relief - try a new way of stretching 
    80. Go through a folder of saved meaningful comments, emails or personal letters/cards.
    (If you don't already have a folder or box full of positive messages like the ones mentioned - take time to make one!) 

    81. Write down 10 things that you feel grateful for that happened in the month of May

    82. Find a thought provoking quote. Here is mine for the day: 

    "Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know."

    ~ Pema Chödrön


    83. Reward yourself for completing small tasks.

    84. Revisit your routine. This week I caught myself saying, "what's the point" about some daily chores that have been slipping... but the point is that this is still life! It might feel different right now, but that doesn’t mean we should start to lose ourselves. We still need to try to make the best of each day.

    85. Write your goals in reverse. Choose a big goal and then back track the steps to see if your daily life is helping you to achieve that goal. “Do Something Now That Your Future Self Will Thank You For. “

    86. Try a new healthy smoothie! Food is fuel for our body. The more fuel we give ourselves,
    the better we feel. 6 Superfood Smoothies (just scroll to the bottom, this is a blog and it 
     takes a while to get to the recipes! haha) 
    87. Allow yourself 3 complaints a day. Tracking yourself complaining can help you to notice and catch the complaint. Complaining creates negative energy, so by not dwelling on our complaints, we are actually helping our mental health.
    88. Air it out (physically) Open all of the windows in your home and feel the fresh air!
    89. Air it out (mentally) I know I just said track your complaints, but you can write everything down that is bothering you, so you are not just endlessly verbalizing it. When we write things down, rip up the paper and throw it away - we feel empowered!
    90. Make a courage poem. This might feel silly, but write a time you were courageous next to each letter. You don't have to show anyone this poem, but just keep it for yourself - for any time you need a reminder that you are constantly overcoming!
    91. Reflect and write down something positive from each day. 
    92. Find a new walk! All Trails is a great site to help you find nearby hikes. 
    93.  Spend some time near water ..even if it is just a sprinkler or hose 😎
    94. Grab a blanket or lawn chair and something to read. Set up camp on a shady patch of grass. 
    95. Make your drinking water more exciting - try adding lemon, strawberries, cucumbers, mint. Feel refreshed on the inside! Fun Infused Water Recipes
    96. Play! No matter how old you are, it's a great time for water guns, bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
    97. Make a crisp fruit salad 
    98. Wake up early to watch the sunrise. Live in that moment and enjoy the peace, silence and excitement of a new day. 
    99. Make your own popsicles. Fun Flavors !
    100. Find a nice place for yoga in the sunshine 5 Happiness Boosting Poses
    - And not take these moments for granted 
    - Sharing these with friends and family and discussing why they make us feel happy 
    103. Searching for images of you favorite animal + the word "wearing" + whatever the search engine autofills with. 
    (I got goats wearing pajamas and was not disappointed 😊)
    104. Draw the last thing you saw that made you smile. 
    You don't have to show anyone, but the act of drawing can be therapeutic!
    105. Send a random letter with an inspiring message. 
    - I want to try this one! Just pick an address and send away. The message you give this person might be just what they needed to receive 
    106. Give a great book to a friend
    - It will give you both something positive to talk about! 
    107. Leave a thoughtful note for someone at home
    - We've been spending A LOT of time with these people! They've probably seen us at our best and our worst...do something a little special to show what they mean to you 
    108. Happy Facts 
    - Random facts to put a smile on your face 
    - Every time it burns, remember you created something beautiful 
    110. "Think back to a really bad day you had. Now think about the time that has passed since then. There were good moments between then and now. A better day is coming. Hang in there." 
    - Hard days come, and then they go. Remember, you are strong and amazing. Remember what you have accomplished in the past and let that give you the confidence to keep moving forward. If at any point you would like support or someone to talk to - I am always here for you