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Message from Virginia Grossman - June 2020

June 2020

Dear Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional School Students, Parents, Colleagues, Alumni and Friends:

It’s June, and  we are spending time preparing for our Woodstown Middle School virtual Promotion Ceremony and to honor the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional High School Class of 2020. Preparations are being made for our students as we anxiously await further direction from our State.

Still, I cannot help but feel a sense of loss for our students regarding what they have endured due to the global pandemic in which we find ourselves.  My feelings of loss are compounded by the events that are occurring in our nation.

The notion of education and equity has been deeply ingrained in my educational experiences, both personally and professionally.  I did my undergraduate work at the University of Notre Dame. The University President while I was there, Father Theodore Hesburgh served on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. He said, “An important prerequisite for living in a pluralistic society is education in a milieu free of prejudiced, stereotyped judgments about people who are different. Classroom instruction in the democratic goals of tolerance and understanding affirms and strengthens what is learned in the living integrated context.” This particular quote resonates with me now as we look toward healing today, and hope for tomorrow.

During these difficult times, I want our children to know that they can be, and are, a force for good in this world…how actions, great and small, make a difference…how we treat each human being, makes a we learn to look at the world with kindness, makes a difference…how we generously display empathy, makes a difference.

I want you to know…all of our children are important to me. Now more than ever, we need to remain a force for compassion and love in our world.  As we join together, remember that you are always a part of our school district. That is the beauty of Public Education.  You are ALL always a Wolverine.

Educationally yours,

Ginny Grossman, Superintendent