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6abc News Recognizes K.I.C.!!!

Click here! Students get hands-on experience at annual science conference in South Jersey

The annual Kids Inquiry Conference, otherwise known as K.I.C., is now entering its 20th year.
This is the first time since the pandemic that the kids are back, and organizers say hundreds were in attendance at the Salem Community College in South Jersey.
Students from around the region including Elsinboro, Oldmans, Field Street, Penn Beach, Quinton, Upper Pittsgrove and Woodstown Mary Schumaker schools were in attendance.
High school students from Woodstown were tasked with creating their own curriculums and activities for all of the children.
It was very important that the activities were hands-on and some were even teamwork based.
Some classrooms taught kids about oceanography, animal anatomy and even some chemistry.
A portion of the program also allowed the students to present science projects to their fellow classmates.
Pam Chew, founder of the K.I.C. program, says these activities give the kids real-world experiences and teach them lessons they will never forget.

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