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Celebrating Wolverines of the Month & Staff Members of the Year!

At the May 11th BOE meeting we had the privilege of honoring & recognizing our #Incredible #Staff Members of the '23-'24 School Year, as well as our #Amazing #Wolverines of the Month for May & June!
#Congratulations to ALL!!!!

🧡Educational Service Professional of the Year:
Mary Shoemaker - Lorrie Wagner
Woodstown Middle School - Marianne Wurmbach
💙Teacher of the Year:
William Roper - Maria Eisenhart
Mary Shoemaker - Ashley Murawski
Middle School - Kellilynn Smith
High School - Rebecca Haines

🧡Mary Shoemaker Young Wolverine of the Month:
Keria Krause - May
Tyler Tatum - May
Reese Madiraca - June
Kayden Stengel- June
💙Middle School Junior Wolverine of the Month:
Lucy Manella - May
Josh King - May
Ally Shepard - June
Lucas Saracino - June
🧡High School Wolverine of the Month:
Lucy Miller - April
Gabrielle Saia - April
Dana DeSiato - May
Katelyn Deal - May
Alyssa Calabrese - June
Cecelia Belinfanti- June