504 Compliance Officers

504 Compliance Officer(s):

The 504 Compliance Officers serve as a 504 procedure resources.  Section 504 and Title II of the ADA promote equal access to and participation in programs and services. 504 Compliance officers are responsible for Coordinating referrals as follows:

 Determining appropriate Section 504 team composition and participating on Section 504

  • teams as needed
  • Facilitating Section 504 evaluations and development of Section 504 plans
  • Providing notices and documenting parental consent
  • Distributing Section 504 plans to appropriate staff
  • Monitoring the implementation of Section 504 plans
  • Scheduling annual reviews of each Section 504 plan
  • Scheduling period re-evaluations of all students eligible under Section 504
  • Assuring that Section 504 plans move with the student to the next grade level and to new schools
  • Coordinating training of building staff on Section 504 requirements
  • Conducting manifestation determinations when required for students eligible under Section 504

Richard Senor, Principal Woodstown High School


Woodstown-Pilesgrove Regional High School

140 East Avenue, Woodstown, NJ  08098

Phone:  856-769-0144 x 55255


Michelle Spaventa, Principal Woodstown Middle School

Spaventa, m@woodstown.org

Woodstown Middle School

15 Lincoln avenue, Woodstown, NJ 08098

Phone:  856-769-0144 X 77223


Diane Cioffi, Principal, Mary Shoemaker Elementary School


Mary Shoemaker Elementary School

201 East Millbrooke Avenue

Woodstown, NJ  08098

Phone:  856-769-0144 x 66247


Diane Cioffi, Principal, William Roper School

William Roper School

211 East Lake Road, Pilesgrove, NJ  08098

Phone::  856-769-0144 x 33100